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A Colorful Corner of Northeastern Pennsylvania (Limited Edition Vinyl)

Nick County & The All Nite Welders
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Pre-order Nick County's new album on limited edition vinyl, exclusively from VNYL. Limited 250 copies worldwide.

A desire to leave home and see what the world has to offer is at the heart of the journey of most artists and humans alike. 
When Nick County lost his father, there was a rush of pain and profound sadness that leveled anything he thought he had known. The result is a 13 song meditation on pain, loss, faith, forgiveness of the regrets of self and forgiveness of the wrongs of others. Sometimes when you go looking for your home, you discover something  far more important.

1. Jesus is Dead
2. Going Back
3. See The Child
4. O Sailor
5. Stormtown
6. Whiter Than a Ghost
7. Your Pain Tears Me Apart
8. Daddy's Robe
9. Prayer For You
10. John Silver
11. Meant To Be Alone
12. Dreamland Hotel
13. Denny's Dream

This pre-order vinyl is expected to ship Fall 2021.